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Can someone tell me where/how I can find who has been adding devices (workstations) to a particular collection in SCCM 2012?
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In a manner of speaking yes.

Open the Monitoring workspace, expand the System Status section and click on the Status Message Queries node.
Search for a query called Collections Created, Modified, or Deleted.

You can specify how far back to query.  This will then show you what collections were changed in that timeframe and who did what.  However, it wont show specifics such as "John added user Fred to Collection A", it will just say something like "Collection A had its membership modified by John on Friday"

You may be able to find more specific information if you actually delve into the logs on the site server, but I haven't yet needed to dig that far so I cannot confirm this.

But based on your original question, the above should hopefully provide you with the information you need.

(there is a more specific version of that query in the same location, called All Status Messages for a Specific Collection at a Specific Site, but you will need to enter the id of the collection you wish to query plus a few other specifics. But it wont give much more info than the first query, its just a bit more targeted.)

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