Add length of string into Error Message and also test for string trimmed


Please help , I am a java script dunce. (better on the server side)
I want to include the actual  string length in the error message for Notes in the code below.
Also in the example below how would I test for the length trimmed - then put up the error, in case the user has
copied in a lot of spaces. I strip these off on the server side. I tried various things and it did not

				var error = "";
				var headline = $("#headline").val();				
				var notes = $("#notes").val();
				if (!($.trim(headline).length)) {
					var error = error +'Please enter headline for your add<br>'
				if (!($.trim(notes).length)) {
					var error = error + 'Please enter your advertisement for housesitting<br>'
				if (notes.length >= 4000) {
					var error = error  + 'You have exceeded the 4,000 character limit,  Please edit your Text and try again.<br>'
				if (headline.length >= 120) {
					var error = error + 'Headline for housesitting must be bellow Max 120 Characters, Please edit your Text and try again.<br>'
					var UIAlertDialogApi = function () {			
						function handleAlerts() {				
								container: '#bootstrap_alerts_demo', // alerts parent container(by default placed after the page breadcrumbs)
								place: 'append', // append or prepent in container 
								type: 'danger',  // alert's type
								message: error,  // alert's message
								close: true, // make alert closable
								reset: true, // close all previouse alerts first
								focus: true, // auto scroll to the alert after shown
								closeInSeconds:0, // auto close after defined seconds
								icon:'warning' // put icon before the message
				} else{
				setTimeout(function() {
					window.location.href = window.location.href;
				}, 1000);

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Ian WhiteOwner and FounderAsked:
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In javascript you do not need to convert numbers to strings, it will let you concatenate strings with numbers:
if (notes.length >= 4000) {
					var error = error  + 'You have exceeded the 4,000 character limit, You have entered ' + notes.length + ' characters, Please edit your Text and try again.<br>'

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I did not understand your second question

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Ian WhiteOwner and FounderAuthor Commented:
HI Thanks that works for the message.

notes may include spaces before and after. The user could have copied the text in including leading and following spaces.  I remove these on the server side. However I didn't want to put an error up if the notes.length counted the leading and trailing spaces.  So I could either trim off the spaces - how to do using java script in the example below OR test for the string excluding spaces?
Just execute this as the first statement:

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It will trim the value of the "notes" textbox
Ian WhiteOwner and FounderAuthor Commented:
Excellent Thanks for your help.
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