Use an ActiveX in Java

Dear Sirs,

How can I create a custom java class that inherits methods & attributes from a given Activex?
Sample of codes will be appreciated, for a java beginner that I am.

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Practicably speaking, you can't - though few things are impossible. It's like turning a small car into a wheelbarrow - it could be done - but shouldn't be.

If you're recklessly determined, you'd need a Java-COM bridge and would call the COM methods of the ActiveX, but you couldn't inherit anything.

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Omer-PitouAuthor Commented:
In other words Java doesn't deal activex?
No,  they're unconnected technologies, hence the need for a bridge. ActiveX is a Windows-only, native code technology
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Omer-PitouAuthor Commented:
Okkkkk. Do you have any example how to implement the bridge
Why don't you use C# .NET? That is the right tool for the job
Omer-PitouAuthor Commented:
Unfortunately I never used C#.NET. I am  migrating from dBASE to Java.
Omer-PitouAuthor Commented:
I've requested that this question be deleted for the following reason:

I will focus on java  library available, instead of looking at 3rd party activex
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