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I am creating a query in access that is an inner join - on two fields - first name and last name.

On visual check, the names are the same - spelling, etc. However, when I create the query, these names do not appear in the result.

Please advise why field entries will look the same - exactly - but they are not captured in an inner join.
exp vgAsked:
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Dale FyeCommented:
Would help to have sample data.

Could be spaces in the names or something along those lines.  You might try modifying your join (won't be visible in the query design view) so that the join looks similar to:

ON Replace(A.[First Name], " ", "") = Replace(B.[First Name], " ", "")
AND Replace(A.[Last Name], " ", "") = Replace(B.[Last Name], " ", "")

Or, better yet, use a left join to make it easier to identify which names are not matching.
Eric ShermanAccountant/DeveloperCommented:
Can you load up a sample of your db???

exp vgAuthor Commented:
Unfortunately, the data I am working with I cannot upload and share, and it makes no sense to modify/recreate since it is the source data as it negates the question then.
Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
It could also be the confusion over characters like the Upper case "l" and an lower case "I" (with certain fonts):
"I" and "l"

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