How do I create a time based email reminder in Sharepoint

I am developing a SharePoint site that will handle Incident Notification.
When a user enters an Incident I will give them the ability to trigger a workflow and send out an email to a predefined distribution list.
I then need to remind the original user to update the status and send out a new email to the distribution list every 30 minutes until the status is resolved.
For instance if the Incident is entered at 2:45 a.m. I need to remind the user to update the status at 3:15 a.m.
I was thinking of sending an email through Outlook to the original user but I am open to any suggestions.

I am planning to use SharePoint with InfoPath.
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Create a SharePoint list called Incident or whatever you like. Add the fields you like. Make one of the field the 'Distribution List'. Make another Status. Create a SharePoint or Nintex workflow. Set the workflow up so that it runs when the incident is saved. That workflow will send an email notification to the Distribution List field in the list.

Create a Site Workflow. Set a reminder email in the workflow for the 'Created By' for every 30 min. until the field 'Status' = Resolved.
martushaProduct managerCommented:
I would suggest to use the third party tool. It will save your time on coding.
Check this article: Execute SharePoint Workflows on Schedule or When Conditions are Met
nickmarkAuthor Commented:
Thanks martusha but in my environment third party tools are not allowed.
The process to get an exception takes forever.
nickmarkAuthor Commented:
Great Job.
Nothing is finer than a simple solution!
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