Outlook Hangs When Sending Email

I have a very difficult user, the VP of Finance who has an Outlook mailbox around 4-5GB in size
Who insists on also having 9-10 very large PST folders attached to his mailbox.

His Outlook has begun to hang when he is sending out Emails.
The hourglass comes up periodically and he is saying it takes any where from 30sec-1 min for the mail to go out
and he considers this a MAJOR issue.

I have already insisted he close at least HALF of his PST folders to alleviate the load because i am sure that is the issue.

Outside of recreating his Outlook profile, repairing Office, and using scanpst/inbox repair tool to fix corrupted PSTs...
Is there anything that anyone can recommend that will assist with this and appease this unreasonable person??

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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
... Who insists on also having 9-10 very large PST folders attached to his mailbox ..... {I}insisted he close at least HALF of his PST folders ... because I am sure that is the issue.

No. Archives have no impact on Outlook performance open or closed. I have a lot of archive files as well.

I would do two things here:

1. Try a new Outlook Profile. This is easy, means recreating accounts, but does not lose email. Backup PST files, however, to be certain.

2. Run SCANPST against the Main Email file. (no need to scan archives if they open properly. SCANPST is in the Outlook Program Folder.

Please review my article on Outlook Repairs to assist you.

JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Are the PST files all different accounts (Outlook 2010 or 2013), or are the PST files Archives. What are they?

if they are all different accounts, does he use all these accounts, or primarily the default account?

If different accounts and not all used, turn off the send / receive for the unused accounts in Send / Receive tab, Send / Receive Groups, Define Send Receive Groups. Edit All Accounts. From here, you can uncheck specific accounts.

Rather than just having PST files, he probably has them all enabled and that is taking the time.

nickmart7Author Commented:
They are all static PST archive folders.. not different accounts
Send and Receive settings would have no impact on them
He just has one mailbox
Sudeep SharmaTechnical DesignerCommented:
Are you using any AV on his system?

Did you tired disabling it to check if that is causing the issue?

Are all his files Indexed? If you would get a chance try to reindex all the Outlook related files. Just make sure when you re-index the outlook must be running.

JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
@nickmart7  - Thanks and I was happy to help you with this.
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