Can DFS be setup as a primary and backup instead of load balancing

Is is possible to setup DFS in a Primary / Backup instead of load balancing?   I have a couple applications that do extensive file updates, creations, and deletions.   If someone grabs the backup server they don't always see the changes.
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harrietcarterAuthor Commented:
I resolved the issue by removing the namespace and having an alias IP associated with the same server and a DNS entry to the Alias IP.  People can browse to the that name and the alias IP can be moved between the machines.
You can configure the DFS referrals in a "failover" mode by defining one target as primary
DFS management, look at the share targets, properties of the target, advanced tab,
properties of the name space.
do you span multiple sites or it is localized?

You should still have a backup of these files performed regularly.
harrietcarterAuthor Commented:
It works, but not the perfect solution.
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