Windows IBM TSM 6.X client - View History of Restores

We have a Windows 2008 server that has the TSM 6.x client installed. The main TSM server running AIX. Is there a way from the Windows server to see what file / folders have been restored? I tried view the files in C:\program files\TSM\baclient and have not found anything helpful
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The Backup/Archive client does not write a log, except for scheduled operations.

On the other hand, the TSM server does keep an activity log.

Start the admin client (dsmadmc) and run the following query:

select cast(START_TIME as DATE) DATE, cast(START_TIME as TIME) TIME, -
                     (END_TIME-START_TIME)minutes as "Elapsed(min)", -
             cast(ENTITY as char(18)) Entity, cast(AFFECTED as dec(7)) Files, -
             cast((BYTES/1024/1024) as dec(9,2)) MB -
         from summary -
             where ACTIVITY='RESTORE' and ENTITY like upper('clientname')

Replace clientname with the name by which your Windows box is known to TSM.

The query will show date, time and duration of the client's restore operations, as well as
the number of files and the number of megabytes restored.

Unfortunately, we don't have a way to find out which files have been restored by means of a database query. TSM does not keep track of single filenames in its summary log.

If the restore operation took place not too long ago you can try to investigate the activity log (also under "dsmadmc"):

q actlog begind=-99 node=CLIENTNAME

CLIENTNAME must be ALL UPPERCASE in this environment!

The latter command will take quite a lot of time, and I doubt that it will show something useful, but you should try.
compdigit44Author Commented:
thank you very much!!!!
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