Hyper-V second generation server unhappy

I shut down a Hyper-V host to move it to a new rack, unfortunately when it was rebooted it was not connected to a network.

One of the systems is not happy. I cannot connect to it remotely or ping it.

It says it is running but when I try to access it from the console could not send keys it will not accept the keys

Shutdown from the console does not work: Shutdown ineffective.

Any more ideas?
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Carol ChisholmAsked:
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Carol ChisholmAuthor Commented:
I could not adjust anything. I could not delete the VM either.
Since the server is miles away rebooting to a disk was not an option.

However I did solve the problem by adding management access to the virtual switch, which seemed to unlock it. I could then access the machine perfectly.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Hard power off to the VM ("Stop" it).  Then turn it back on.

Hope you have backups. (Doesn't mean I think you'll need them, but sometimes weird stuff happens - I won't necessarily think this is Hyper-V's fault either).
Carol ChisholmAuthor Commented:
It does not Stop...does not stop
I have backups. It's DC and I have another one. I have moved the FSMO roles. I am building another...

I can also copy the VHD...

It autostarts, and then gets in this unhappy state otherwise I would just delete it and make a new one.

I think the network cables got plugged in in the wrong order.

Can I disable the Hyper-V service reboot the host and somehow turn off autostart?
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Have you tried adjusting the Automatic start action and rebooting the server?

I would wonder if the Hyper-V config file got corrupt - I might try to delete the vm and then recreate it using the existing VHD(x) files for the hard drives.  If you must, reboot the server to a Windows disk and rename the folder that stores the VM - that should prevent it from starting.  Or, simply disable Virtualization in BIOS.
Carol ChisholmAuthor Commented:
I found the solution myself.
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