Draytek Router High Availability


I have a QUAD WAN Draytek 3900 Router and want to set it up for high availability.

The 3900 has some nice high availability features whereby if you configure a master and a backup 3900 and the master router fails, the backup router will become active and takeover.

My concern is that the four WAN inputs would still be in ROUTER1 - which has now failed - so I would need to unplug and plug in those 4 WAN cables into ROUTER2 in this case.

So this isn't actually high availability.

Can somebody advise?


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James HodgeManaging DirectorAsked:
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Casey WeaverNetwork EngineerCommented:
Basically your WAN needs to support it by giving multiple handoffs. In our cases of MPLS, we have redundant lines that service each HA router. Here's a link to some of the common wiring configs.

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