SQL Server RANK() function not producing expected result

I'm trying the following query (SQL Server 2008 R2) but not getting the results I expect.
Bad Rank QuerySince I'm partitioning on TowCotnractID and ordering by LogStartTime, I expected the two highlighted rows (same ID) to have a rank of 1 and 2 in descending date time order.  But both have a rank of 1.

Can someone tell me why this is happening and how to fix it?
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Leo TorresSQL DeveloperCommented:
Each Contract is unique so its 1 for each one. You need to create a partion on what makes each row unique.
Leo TorresSQL DeveloperCommented:
The 2 highlighted rows are not the same they cant be 1 and  2

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Mike EghtebasDatabase and Application DeveloperCommented:


not rank

Also, you do not need order by at the end.
Jim HornMicrosoft SQL Server Data DudeCommented:
Eyeballeth thy TowContractID values more closely.
Leo is correct in that all TowContractID values in the screenshot are unique.  8668 <> 8688.
Therefore, all RANK(PARTITION BY TowContractID ...) values are 1.
Leo TorresSQL DeveloperCommented:
ops yes good point i am dyslexia I though you were using Row_number().

How ever what I said still remains true you you are partitioning by TowCotnractID each number will generate a partition..

In order to have a 1 and 2 for a TowCotnractID you need this scenerio

ID           date
8668    5/8/2015
8668    5/7/2015

Your Scenario
8668    5/8/2015
8688    5/7/2015

if you partition by ID you will always get a 1 for each
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Microsoft SQL Server 2008

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