Best practice configuration for cisco to none cisco switches

Dear experts;

I have a mess with our switches that I want to configure better.

The switches are not well linked together (I think).

You see that they are connected straight to a matching VLAN port from one switch to another. Some others have fiber in them, etc... Simple, not well configure.

There are 4 Cisco 3650s, 2 3750 series, 2 Brocade VDX 6740T

I want to connect them using the trunk ports (I think are called).

I see that the brocade and the 3650s have 4 Tengigabit ports and the older 3700s slower 2 Gigabit ports.

What will be the possible port configuration entries per switch model for them to be better connected...


marceloNYCMiddle-Tier AdministratorAsked:
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I can't speak for the Brocade configuration, but on the Cisco, at its simplest:

Interface tengig x/y
switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q
switchport mode trunk

The encapsulation command *might not work. Depending on the switch and version of code, the command will not work if there is no other choice than dot1q. So if the switch happened to support ISL for encapsulation, then the command would work because you need to specify the choice, but if there is no choice then the command doesn't exist.

There are many other options that may be a good idea to add to the config, but it really depends on how the rest of the switch(es) are configured. Also, the config example assumes a native vlan (PVID) of 1.
marceloNYCMiddle-Tier AdministratorAuthor Commented:
No need to put the VLAN info? The allowed VLAN command?  The Trunk encapsulation should do?
The allowed vlan command is not required. Without it, all configured vlans will be allowed. If you find it better in your situation to control which clans are allowed, then certainly add that command in. My example was the most basic possible.
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marceloNYCMiddle-Tier AdministratorAuthor Commented:
Cool.. almost there let me find the Brocade part...
Brocade is simple.

Create whatever vlans you want to route on the Brocade switch.

(config)#vlan x name {whatever you want} by port
(config-vlan-x)#tagged ethernet {port number here}  

You MUST do this "tagged ethernet" command for each vlan you want to move across that port.  

All access ports must be untagged members of whatever vlan you want to use them on (vlan x / untagged ethernet {port number}.  It's not as slick as Cisco, but you can select a range (untagged ethernet 1/1/1 to 1/1/48).

Once the "trunk" port has been selected and ALL the vlans tagged across it, it will act as your Cisco trunk does when they are connected together.

Explain a little what ports you want to use for the trunk and what ports need access to what vlan and I can further explain the commands.

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marceloNYCMiddle-Tier AdministratorAuthor Commented:
This is what I needed.

A million thanks experts!
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