SED to touch some lines and leave others

I have a log file that looks like this

#blah blah comment
1234567890 INFO aaaaa
1234567891 DEBUG bbbbb

sed 's/^/[/; s/ /] /1'

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places the first item in square brackets []  on all lines, including the comments.

Need a sed or awk script to place the first item in square brackets [] but not to change the comment lines starting with #.
The end result should be

#blah blah comment
[1234567890] INFO aaaaa
[1234567891] DEBUG bbbbb

Nothing I do seems to work.
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Gerwin Jansen, EE MVETopic Advisor Commented:
Try this:

awk '! /^#/ {gsub($1,"["$1"]")} {print}' your_logfile
sed 's/\(^[^#][^ ]*\)/[\1]/'  logfile
shalomcCTOAuthor Commented:
thanks guys, EE rules
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