How to make a Form's width less than 123

Hi experts, I need to create another form in my project that I only show modally. This form contains only a tall, narrow TMemo and a small OK button directly underneath that. The widths of the TMemo and OK button are about only 50 pixels each. I'd like to make the width of this form also about 50 or 51 pixels too (and not show any border icons). I disabled all the border icons and tried to design the form to be this narrow, but it seems it won't go any narrower than 123. Is there some setting in the tForm properties I'm missing?


P.S: I'm using Delphi 7
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Hi Shawn,
At design time, that's the minimum that you can set, but you can change the width at the form OnActivate, OnShow or OnCreate but the BorderStyle must be bsSizeToolWin, bsToolWindow, bsNone or bsDialog.

Each has it's own characteristics:
bsNone: No caption bar, no form frame and no resize.
bsDialog, bsToolWindow: Close Button (x at top right corner), form frame and no resize.
bsSizeToolWin: same as bsToolWindow but with resize ability.

To hide the buttons set all biXXX under BorderIcons to False, to have caption and frame but no buttons (Form frame depends on the BorderStyle).

procedure TForm1.FormCreate(Sender: TObject);
  BorderStyle:= bsDialog;  // have caption and form frame
  BorderIcons:= []; // no buttons
  width:= 50;

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shawn857Author Commented:
ahhh nice! Thanks Jimy!

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