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Does anyone know if it is possible to issue an invoice to a customer on

i.e - create an invoice on dashboard and then send a link to the customer so that he can pay me on the website?

Thanks in advance for your help.
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Lucas BishopClick TrackerCommented:
Stripe is fairly limited in the payment types you can process.  Their invoicing system is not what you'd traditionally expect. To use their current invoicing system (which expects immediate payment upon invoice), you'd need to build a custom integration using a webhook.

As an alternative, they have a very large selection of integrations with 3rd party invoicing solutions (second section here).
I looked at Charges and Support,
There was something there called:
How do I create a charge?
Go to your payments list and click “Create Payment”.
And below it was
How do I send my customer a receipt?
You can send email receipts for any charge or refund through the API or from your dashboard. We'll walk you through the process with this short video.

On the Charges and Support, there are two links to some movies.  I did not want to add those here.  (Plus I could not view them, usually it is better if you call them so they can walk you thru it.  They should be able to set you up with a testing account so you can actually send out an invoice.)

Usually, there is pricing.  If it is in the United States, you should only be paying about 1.99 - 2.09% for the discount rate, and $0.25 for the transaction fee.  Most acquirers have their own gateway that is free and does recurring (changing) billing for you, with vetting provided. Usually a monthly fee of $8.00. If you are in the United States and paying more than this, you might consider looking around at other places.  If you are paying $20.00 a month for the gateway and another $20.00 for recurring billing, that is $240.00 a year you could save
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