Delay Reappearance of Taskbar When on Autohide, Windows Seven

Using autohide taskbar.

Taskbar reappears without any delay, even with just glancing contact.  Want that to occur after some delay.

Any Registry edit that controls this?  Something I could set to 500 miliseconds, or some such value. (Seems the responsiveness now is, for all intents and purposes, instantaneous.)

Saw two programs that claim to do this.  Both looked fairly Trojan-esque; malware, or malware-to-be.

Seems like this would have to be an editable value somewhere within Windows.

What do you think?


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Sumit Singh ShekhawatTechnical Solutions ConsultantCommented:
Well i suggested so unchecking this option might buy you sometime, I am afraid it is only possible through third party tool and I wouldn't advise using it...also it cannot be achieved by any registry modifications
Sumit Singh ShekhawatTechnical Solutions ConsultantCommented:
The easiest possible way is from Microsoft is to follow these steps:

Go to My Computer;
Right click;
System properties;
Uncheck/check (as applicable) "Fade or slide menus into view";
Hit Apply and OK.
oaktreesAuthor Commented:
Hi Sumit!

Thanks for taking a look.

Seems like that affects the method the task bar uses to appear, but...not the length of time before which it reappears.    

What do you think happened?


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