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Hi experts,

I am setting up a recruiting business and I need good Application tracking system. I am currently running trial versions of few web based ATS like resonator, recruiterbox, workable etc.

Most of these ATS do a good job on Job administration side. These can put advt on free job boards, collect resumes and provide pipeline of applicants. However when it comes to managing existing resumes in your database the functionality provided is lacking.

Over a period I expect to have few thousand resumes in my database. I will like to add more information for each of the resumes like Work authorisation in country, seniority level, functional specialisation etc. With this I hope to get list of qualified candidates from existing resumes fast.

So is there any software or web  based service which provides this kind of sophistication. Is there any service which allows me to customise and add fields for each resume where I can fill up my own valuees and then I am able to run queries on it.
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Nadir ALTINBASElec.&Elctro.Engr.Commented:
Nagendra Pratap SinghDesktop Applications SpecialistCommented:
There is something called Taleo that basically forces the end-user to fill in the resume in DB in a certain format. It is very irritating as well.
Nadir ALTINBASElec.&Elctro.Engr.Commented:
 cloud based service which I mentioned.
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