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We use Excel spreadsheets for timesheets in a 500 pp company that are manually created, emailed and received by timekeepers each month. Is there a generally accepted better method using some combination of already deployed technology such as MS Outlook, Access, Sharepoint, Infopath or Sql Server?

RonBudget AnalystAsked:
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Robberbaron (robr)Commented:
like you we started with an Excel based timesheet.

we morphed this into an intranet app ASP.NET grid based app with an SQL backend,

 the big advantage is that the input screen looks very similar to the old one and therefore no big surprise for the users.

(developed in house by a Uni student)
RonBudget AnalystAuthor Commented:
Let me be more specific...im interested in what other Established Developers have done to solve the timesheet application problem and built a process Using Excel or Access or VBA or Sharepoint or Outlook using their experience and their brain instead of apathy, leveraging existing technology and without bringing in yet another vendor in a market where everyone and their second cousin has a timesheet application for a fee.
RonBudget AnalystAuthor Commented:
And if anyone who reads this has dealt with the same issue...

I have extensively googled the topic and found almost nothing, and if anyone has written a technical article or blog comment, its buried in under hundreds of sales pitches for timesheet applications for about an average of $10 per month per employee

I've also poured through books on every technology I mentioned. Usually, a Microsoft MVP developer Hero has written something on a topic and i'm kind of surprised that i haven't found anything given how common this development request is. I did find a few mentions on the internet regarding Infopath and Office 365 web apps, and Microsoft Dynamics has a timesheet module that ships free with the product but the design isnt right for me because its project based and i need exception-based time and attendance reporting.

So I'm probably going to modify our existing Excel process using VBA to manage the tasks of checking the active directory, choosing the employees that need timesheets and emailing it to them, and then when they email it back, rip the values using ADO into a master spreadsheet for analysis and further processing.

But if there's another approach that anyone has successfully used I'm interested to know about it.
I have created a solution with Excel(formatted spreadsheet) for data entry and VBA code  and MS access as data repository. It works fine in a multi user (<50 users). In future there is a plan to migrate to ASP.Net with SQL Sever based implementation.
RonBudget AnalystAuthor Commented:
Thank you both for your responses. Exactly what i needed to know.

much appreciated
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