A device to remotely power on / off devices and hopefully verify the devices are using electric

We have a remote location and as  remote locations go, we do not have an it staff.  

I need to individually power stuff on and off.  There is one server and assorted network equipment ( typical small remote site )

Being able to verify the device is taking a few amps would be a big plus.  

Downside is that we are cheap so price is a big issue.

I would like something simple, 12 connections and be dependable.
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Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software EngineerCommented:
Minotaur Engineering has a telephone interface for X10 equipment.  It'll control up to 9 X10 interfaces by touch-tone phone.


I would not call it cheap at $250 (and an X10 interface is required in addition to the TR16) ... but there are so many X10 compatible modules, both output and input, that you should be able to find either what you need or something that will get you there.
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