Problem Mixing Memory in Dell PowerEdge T310

Hi folks,

Got a Dell PowerEdge T310 server. It originally came with 4 GB of RAM in the form of two 2 GB sticks. The sticks are ECC, registered, 1333MHz DDR3 RAM.

I bought two new sticks, each 8 GB, with the intention of upgrading total system memory to 20 GB. The new sticks are ECC, registered, 1066MHz DDR3 RAM.

The Dell technical guide for this system says you can mix modules of different speeds and it will run at the fastest common speed.

However, when all four modules are installed, the system will not boot. No errors, no beep codes, just no boot. If either set of sticks is installed, it boots fine. But put them together and nothing.


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20GB does not appear to be a viable configuration on the T310.

A few pages down from the technical manual.
You first have to look at the memory mode, optimizer, ecc,raid.

The placement of the modules is significant.

Need to look at the t310 memory layout and will advise.
IthizarAuthor Commented:
The modules are placed so that each channel is equal. IOW, channel 1 has an 8 GB module and a 2 GB module, and so does channel 2.

So you had 1 and 2 8GB rdimm and 3 and 4 had the 2GB?

Try skipping 1 and 2 I.e. 34 56.

Varying speed is one consideration, you are mixing module capacities.

One thing to double check is that the memory modules are fully seated.

When you boot the system with the pair of 8GB, check the memory setting to see the mode it is in.
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