Problem passing file name with spaces to shell script

A part of my python script calls a shell script ( and passes variables.

Problem is with var3 which is a file name. If it contains spaces, doesn't get the entire string.

var3 = "/app/interface/exports/TEST5191 326150.txt"

My question is how to send var3 - imbedded spaces and all?

irtn = os.system("./ %s %s %s %s " % (var,var1,var2,var3))

This is the code from sfile accepts parameter #4, the file name(sfile).



# Variables below


rsync -avz -e "ssh -p 22 -i /home/testusr/.ssh/key1 " $sfile rsyncadmin@$remotehost:$dest
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Try this:


rsync -avz -e "ssh -p 22 -i /home/testusr/.ssh/key1 " "$sfile" rsyncadmin@$remotehost:$dest  

Please note the double quotation marks around "$4" and "$sfile"!
I don't know Python at all - could it be that those double quotes can/must be applied here, too ("var3")?

irtn = os.system("./ %s %s %s %s " % (var,var1,var2,"var3"))

Or does the above keep Python from interpreting "var3" as a variable name? Sorry for the stupid suggestion then!
Put the double quotes inthe format string, with single quotes round the entire string, so have:

    irtn = os.system('./ %s %s %s "%s"' % (var,var1,var2,var3))

(forgot to say, you need wmp's changes to the shell script too)
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nighter33Author Commented:
Thanks for the suggestions but same error -only passes the first part of the file name up to the first space in both cases..
Did you make the changes I suggested to the bash code? They're required, regardless of what you're doing with the Python code!
nighter33Author Commented:
My error. I made both changes and it works!
Thank you very much.
nighter33Author Commented:
Response was very quick.
If you made both changes, why did you accept only one answer?
I agree - wmp and I gave half the answer each!
nighter33Author Commented:
Sorry, new to this. Can I correct?
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