how to take logs report of vsftpd(ftp) daily or 2 days

Hi: I have configured vsftpd(ftp) in centos 5. I want that how many files upload or downloaded by specific users consolidated report through mail daily basis.

Please help me to configure step by step because I have not much Idea about this.

Sanjeev jha
Sanjeev jhaAsked:
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It does not actively interfere with your system. You can make log name filter to pick up only aleady rotated logs e.g. from yesterday.
nociSoftware EngineerCommented:
I'll first suggest some high-level after that details can be filled in.:
Try to lookup on config. file settings for the issues at hand, and for the products mentioned.

How about logging through the syslog service (done in vsftpd)
Then use the logservice of choice to capture the records and put them into a file or database.
(sysklogd, syslog-ng, metalog etc.)
For files:
use the logrotate service the create daily new logfiles. (this will happen on specific times)..,
For database run the appropriate queries at the right time for reporting.

So you can schedule a separate job through cron for files & databases.
The logrotate service also can start jobs for you as post-rotate.
There is also tooling that can report on all kind of issues with logs , like splunk. But that is too  much tooling for such a small job.

When all is new start with: sysklogd, logrotate and go from there.
awstats offers ftp log reading script.
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Sanjeev jhaAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your reply. let me go through and check it.
You can install awstats from fedora epel. No need to hurt your fingers making manual install.
Sanjeev jhaAuthor Commented:
Will it work in Centos, if yes than how it can be install in centos and any configurations required for this.
gheistCommented: - config example
You need to set up ftp log converter as log source. it means creating NEW awstats*.conf in /etc/awstats
Also make sure you have at least month+week of logs intact so that full stats are generated.
obviously vsftpd needs to generate xferlog.
.conf files will be processed nightly
Sanjeev jhaAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your support, First i would like to implement in test environment than only apply it in our live FTP environment. I will update you once installation and configuration part will be taken care of.

Thank you very much for your support.
Sanjeev jhaAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your support. It help me lot and still working on this.
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