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My wife was using her:  HP envy computer to do some homework (usually not a problem).  The laptop is 18 months old  --- with TONS of HP crap software loaded.  Anyway used it Thursday and Friday *everything was fine.  However when she tried to logon on Saturday morning the computer booted as usual  --- however the screen is completely (black)  the mouse moves but I can not see a thing on the desktop.  Restarted several times -- but still nothing.  I have been search the NET ---  many references to the problem  --  system restore.  How do I fix it and why does this happen?   Window 8.1 O/S
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Steve BottomsSr Network AdminCommented:
If by "mouse moves" I assume you mean you can see the cursor on-screen, but nothing else.  Power it off, then back on again.As soon as the HP splash screen appears start hitting F8 for Safe Mode; go into Safe Mode and disable any startup items with MSConfig.exe.

If you never see anything on-screen (POST, HP splash screen, momentary flash while the video mode resets at start) you may have bad video or a bad cable to your screen (it happens).  Does the hard drive appear to boot correctly (sound, flashing sequence similar to what you're used to) even though you can't see anything on-screen?
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Try attaching a secondary monitor to the video output and boot either with the HP (does this work?) or with a bootable CD (does this work?).

Another thing that can cause this is viruses and malware.
SteveInNV made a critical point.  If you are seeing the mouse cursor and it moves when you move the mouse (or touchpad), then this is not a monitor problem at all.  It is most likely a problem with Windows running into some sort of boot problem.  As John suggested, this could be a virus or malware, though there could be other issues as well.

It can be difficult to boot to Safe Mode as there is a very narrow window of time in which to hit the proper keys.  An easier solution may be to boot from a Win 8.1 installation or repair disk and do some investigating there.  If you go to the command prompt, you can see what files are present on C: or D: to confirm that the hard drive is basically working (though not a very thorough test).

The installation disk will also have options to try to repair startup (a good thing to try even though it may not resolve the problem) and also to do a System Restore.  Make SURE you are doing System Restore (it will have you pick a date to which you want to roll back) as opposed to a Refresh or a Recovery.
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it can be caused by a bad video driver update - so rolling it back should solve this
you can try  doing that from safe mode - or do a system restore as suggested
If the mouse pointer is visible, then the system has started, it is no boot problem.
Having nothing but the pointer indicates that the shell (the process explorer.exe) hasn't started. This can have various reasons, mostly these 2:
-a virus is active
-the drive letters have (for some unknown reason) changed and explorer.exe is simply not found.

Try to open task manager using this shortcut: CTRL-Shift-Esc
Does it open? If yes, try to start explorer from there (->click "more details"->file->run new task->explorer.exe)
misterdAuthor Commented:
Tried working the HP support technican   --  where we tried several different approaches  (they believeed it was a VIRUS that somehow disabled the screen output NOT to show the desktop.  Tried to boot into (safe mode) same problem.   Disable a bunch of apps and tried to boot to safe mode again (nothing).   Tried a system restore  --- but ran into errors.   Finally we backed up the user files and reset the computer back to (purchased config).  Un-installed all crapware,  performed all O/S updates 124 of them).  Installed another A/V and praying things will go well until we can move to Windows 10  in about a month.

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