Storage Spaces Virtual Disk lists unused physical disks in Health tab


I'm trying to create a 3-way mirror disk for use as a cluster quorum.  i'm trying to create this disk solely on spinning media, using the following commands:

#Get physical disks that can be pooled
$pooldisks = get-physicaldisk | ? {$_.canpool -eq $true}

#Create new tiered storage pool
New-StoragePool -StorageSubSystemFriendlyName *Spaces* -FriendlyName TieredPool1 -PhysicalDisks $pooldisks

#Create SSD Tier
$tier_ssd = New-StorageTier -StoragePoolFriendlyName TieredPool1 -FriendlyName SSD_TIER -MediaType SSD

#Create HDD Tier
$tier_hdd = New-StorageTier -StoragePoolFriendlyName TieredPool1 -FriendlyName HDD_TIER -MediaType HDD

New-VirtualDisk -StoragePoolFriendlyName TieredPool1 -FriendlyName Quorum -StorageTiers @($tier_hdd) -StorageTierSizes @(3GB) -ResiliencySettingName Mirror -NumberOfDataCopies 3 -NumberofColumns 1 -ProvisioningType Fixed

The command completes successfully, but when I look at the Health tab of the virtual disk in Server manager, 5 physical disks are listed - 1 of which is SSD.  HOWEVER,  the General tab on vDisk properties shows that HDD capacity used in 3GB and SSD capacity used is 0 bytes.

So - am I doing this wrong?  Why is the SSD showing up in my list of physical disks, yet 0 bytes are in use on that tier?
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Cliff GaliherCommented:
Because you chose 3 way mirroring. Each tier must meet the requirements of the redundancy type you chose. Since you don't have enough SSD disks to properly mirror that tier, it won't be used.
caustic386Author Commented:
Is it possible to edit the command I used so that the SSD tier is omitted entirely?  In our production environment, there will be enough SSDs for a 3-way mirror but I want to keep the qurorum disk off SSD altogether.
Cliff GaliherCommented:
Right now your first command grabs *every* possible disk (including SSDs) and adds them to one giant pool. You can edit that command and variable to only use the disks you need.

The command under the SSD tier comment is also unnecessary and can simply be eliminated.
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caustic386Author Commented:
Well, in the end I'd like to create a single giant pool of SSD and HDDs for Hyper-V tiered storage.  But, it sounds like you're saying I should create a pool of HDD, create my quorum, and then add my SSD tier (in that order)?
Cliff GaliherCommented:
You asked "Is it possible to edit the command I used so that the SSD tier is omitted entirely?" That is in direct contradiction to Well, in the end I'd like to create a single giant pool of SSD and HDDs for Hyper-V tiered storage." Those two goals are mutually exclusive.

You can't do both. That simply doesn't make sense.
caustic386Author Commented:
I see what you're saying - I was not specific enough.  I was asking, is it possible to edit the command so that the SSD tier is omitted completely from the newly created 3GB virtual disk.  That is,  when I view the Health tab in Server manager, no SSDs are listed.
Cliff GaliherCommented:
You can adjust the command to not *use* the SSD tier (and in fact, you already have), but because the tier is still a part of the pool, it will still be listed. The only way to eliminate that would be to create a non-tiered pool and then create a separate pool with tiered storage for the virtual disks you'll want to have tiered. As it is mostly a cosmetic issue, I'm not sure that matter path is worth the effort.

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caustic386Author Commented:
Understood - thank you!
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