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I am compiling a list of commands in cmd, which can be run to make sure the network is up and running, and the results which should be expected, i.e. If I enter "Ping hostname/Ip Adress" , results should be it would return 4 pings, if it misses one, it can mean check the status of network, which means map the IP/Hostname within router examples like that, 2 stage I am looking for examples or scripts which can check network connectivity, printers are online, exchange, Wireless access points, proxy server, internet, VPN to external sites...etc...

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I would recommend to implement Nagios. It is open source and is very versatile. You can  check hosts by ping "method", services as http, smtp, pop, etc. Also you can monitor all crazy stuff that you are thinking of for any device that can have SNMP enabled.

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LeoAuthor Commented:
sorry I am not after any application....I am after old style troubleshooting and learning that whats wrong in the infrastructure, and how to fix it...that's why I need list of commands....
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LeoAuthor Commented:
I am aware of all the applications....if I needed an application I could have gone, and bought one...I don't need any I have stated TWICE already....
Scott ThomsonCommented:
Hi Striker007,

I am sure this can be done. But basically it's a terrible idea. Ping 4 times and dropping a packet is actually pretty common. are you planning to ping 24x7 to see if something is down?

some great tools that can be used in command prompt are the psexec tools which show a lot of info and are accessed via command line

But i would suggest a real application that can do this all by itself.
I mean we are in IT.. if you want to stay old school then IT with an ever changing technology is probably not a great job choice.
nader alkahtaniConsultantCommented:
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
ping won't tell you if a printer is accepting print jobs, it will just tell you that yes I received a response from that ip address/name using icmp..  Exchange can be down but I can ping the exchange server all day and get a response.  You also don't want to DDOS yourself with icmp packets
LeoAuthor Commented:
sorry, instead of recommending what is not needed, and helping will resolve the issue.
Sanga CollinsSystems AdminCommented:
Hi Striker007, here are some of the commands I use to check for network issues when in the field. I understand that often comprehensive tools or software is not always available or practical.

That being said, I highly recommend getting a linux laptop!!! There are more command line functions and scripts available than anywhere else imho.

Windows: These command have multiple options. I am just showing the basic usage

ping <hostname or ipaddress>
nslookup <hostname or ipaddress>
tracert <hostname or ipaddress>
telnet <hostname or ipaddress> <port #>

Linux: These commands have even more options.


That should get you started on the basic commands I use to get an idea whats happening on a network. Hope that helps.
Nathan HawkinsTechnical Lead - Network SecurityCommented:
In linux curl is a great CLI tool used for anything web based. Creating scripts to look for results using curl is pretty easy...

There are some linux netbios commands that can be issued to test Windows things (file shares, domain responses, LDAP/AD)

A few more suggestions!
I posted in your other question, which is being canceled. So, here's my 2 cents :)

You want to eventually automate your entire network health check process. That could be accomplished piecing together the various scripts the experts here can and will provide. Case in point: example:

 Or, you could invest in yourself and learning scripting and build your own monster :) Again case in point:

 Alternatively, you could invest in a tool that touts synthetic testing. We have a SIEM which when required can run through some commands to troubleshoot the issue. Those commands and sequence are put there by us. The device just follows along with our logic and tests the link, the connection, the infrastructure etc. and provides us with a pass or fail result.
How much do you know about networking?  I think it would be helpful to establish your level of expertise before trying to recommend a solution.
LeoAuthor Commented:
Agree with @Sanga, the experts who are suggesting solutions, I guess they are forgetting not everytime you will have access to applications, not everyone works from one site :-)

Hers part of the solution which I was after....with examples.....

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LeoAuthor Commented:
Found part of the solution by myself.....
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