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we are in the process of implementing the backup facility for our laptop and few desktop users . we have discussed few method and didn't come to the final decision on the above due to some issues raised
I have given the solution as  backing up all the users selected folder in to server and then server will backup  to tape for off site purpose  . some issues are listed below

backup type : full backup every Friday /then incremental
hard part is some of the PCs are not online to backup .
average size of the backup

selected folders will work : some of the users will not save information in to that folder
select the entire PC : issues

cloud will expensive to have due to the link charges ?
hard disk to tape will not supported by most of the top vendors ?

please let me know the best way to move on this project incuding the stoagre hared ware (what type of server is best for this )
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Thomas RushCommented:
So Symantec DLO doesn't support tape?   Then don't buy that one.
Have you looked at HP Connected Backup (my link posted above on 12 May)?  It can back up desktops and laptops with policy-driven changes-only backups, and can store backups on disk and/or tape.

You don't want to have two different products; if you do, your restores will take at least twice as long -- you'll have to restore from tape (and restore the entire backup job, not just a user), and then you'll have to find that user's files to restore them.  It's ugly, inelegant, and slow.
"some of the users will not save information in to that folder"

If you properly teach the users this is no problem at all. Set up the PC's so they don't have any write rights outside of the user's and public folders. Don't give them admin rights. Make them save their data on the servers, then you don't have to backup the PC's. Use roaming profiles so that any changes are automatically synced to the server when they are on-site.
nobusbiljart fanCommented:
>>  hard part is some of the PCs are not online to backup .   <<   then you will need to make the backup locally, and transfer it to the server by some means; over lan, or with usb drives
>>   average size of the backup  <<   any ideas are needed here- since it will influence the storage space needed
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>>  average size of the backup

Restrict the size of the user's documents folder (best to get an idea of what their present sizes are, so you can set a target.  Also consider allowing for growth.

>>  hard disk to tape will not supported by most of the top vendors ?

Which vendors are those?  Tape isn't going out of fashion.

>>  cloud will expensive to have due to the link charges ?

You'll need to think carefully about this one.  It isn't just costs.  You need to look at the provider's reliability and charges for starters, amount of data going to be held, data sensitivity, how to recover the data if something goes horribly wrong ...  Lots of thought needed for that.

>>  what type of server is best for this

Not enough data for answer.  You need to take into account amount of expected data and future growth, is the server required for other tasks such as mail or web pages, need to look at present OSes on machines and have an OS that supports your desktop and laptop OSes, etc etc.  You may also have a budget to consider as well.
Thomas RushCommented:
I don't know how big your environment is (how many users?), but for most of your requirements, HP's Connected Backup seems to fit the bill.

It lets you set up policy-driven backups of user laptops or desktops  that run in the background.  You'll run an initial full backup, and after that, it's only incrementals (changes only).  Backups will happen when the users are connected, automatically.  You can exclude directories (such as Program Files).    White papers and other info there.  When I worked at HP we used it, and I found this to be an efficient, unobtrusive backup product.
curAuthor Commented:
Symantec DLO
nobusbiljart fanCommented:
cur - at least tell us who you are answering; and answer all posters plse!
curAuthor Commented:
I didn't get you  . I am in the process of getting new desktop backup utility . so i have one issue getting my disk backup to tape form the same product without purchasing separate backup
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