how to implement this task in java threads

we have 1000's of folders and in each folder is having images(.jpg,.gif etc) in it .we want to monitor these folders asynchronously and process by taking these images and send it to DB .what we thought of initially create 20 threads.these 20 threads will monitor 20 folders then which ever thread is completed the task then it will take processing another there any other approach?
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chaitu chaituAsked:
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Look at the ThreadPoolExecutor class.

(btw, you first say you have 1000s of folders, then only 20. Big difference, right).
chaitu chaituAuthor Commented:
can we create 1000 threads for 1000 folders?I  think its performance overhead if we create that many threads.
As I said, look at the lit for that class. to wit :
Thread pools address two different problems: they usually provide improved performance when executing large numbers of asynchronous tasks,
[etc . . . ]
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Looks like a winning approach there from CEHJ. The source says to try it out first, so a sketch like this might help you  - (if you need any help that is) :

import java.nio.file.*;

class WatchMan{

private File directory; //the dir to be watched
private File[] files; //not implemented, but you can add a passage to create some files, or handle it manually.
private WatchService watchservice;
private Watchable watchableDirectoryPath;
private WatchKey watchkey;
private WatchMan watchman;

	public static void main(String[] args){

		 WatchMan watchman = new WatchMan();

				watchman.watchkey = watchman.watchservice.take();
				for (WatchEvent<?> event: watchman.watchkey.pollEvents()) {
			}catch(InterruptedException intex){intex.printStackTrace();}

	public WatchMan(){

	public void configureWatchers(){ = new File("C:/EE_Q_CODE/WatchDir"); //adjust this to your requirements;
		this.watchableDirectoryPath = directory.toPath();
			this.watchservice = FileSystems.getDefault().newWatchService();
		}catch(Exception e){e.printStackTrace();}



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Yes. In fact the tutorial has an example that watches a folder recursively, so you could just point that at your parent directory
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