RDS 2012 RD Gateway - disable / remove NPS

Hi Guys,

We have run into an issue (for the second time) with NPS blocking devices. We do not really want to use it as we control access from the firewall.

When when opening the RD Gateway Manager today, it caused clients to be unable to connect. Both internally and externally they get the attached message:
Error Message
The RD CAP and RD RAP are configured to allow all domain users, with no restrictions placed on Computers. They have been configured to allow access to everything on the network.

How can we just disable this entirely?

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Chris--WAuthor Commented:
I have changed the TS GATEWAY AUTHORIZATION POLICY properties to set Authentication to Accept without validating... this has allowed users to connect.

Previously we had to set this to Authenticate on this server. This doesnt feel right, but does what we wanted I guess.

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