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I am compiling a list of commands in cmd, which can be run to make sure the network is up and running, and the results which should be expected, i.e. If I enter "Ping hostname/Ip Adress" , results should be it would return 4 pings, if it misses one, it can mean check the status of network, which means map the IP/Hostname within router examples like that, 2 stage I am looking for examples or scripts which can check network connectivity, printers are online, exchange, Wireless access points, proxy server, internet, VPN to external sites...etc...
Some of our sites doesn't have proper internet connections and no budget to afford an app, so we are not after an application.
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LeoAuthor Commented:
The experts who are suggesting solutions, I guess they are forgetting not everytime you will have access to applications, not everyone works from one site :-)

 Hers part of the solution which I was after....with examples.....
Steve BottomsSr Network AdminCommented:
Look into PRTG (  It's free up to 100 sensors (elements of network devices monitored) and can be set up to provide email notification of issues.  Doing it the hard way isn't worth your time.  There's also SpiceWorks (http:/ ; it has a large community behind it and is free.
You want to eventually automate your entire network health check process. That could be accomplished piecing together the various scripts the experts here can and will provide. Case in point: example:

Or, you could invest in yourself and learning scripting and build your own monster :) Again case in point:

Alternatively, you could invest in a tool that touts synthetic testing. We have a SIEM which when required can run through some commands to troubleshoot the issue. Those commands and sequence are put there by us. The device just follows along with our logic and tests the link, the connection, the infrastructure etc. and provides us with a pass or fail result.
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
LeoAuthor Commented:
Found the solution by myself.
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