outlook rule doesn't execute?

I've created a rule on Outlook 2013 that needs to move mail from within the organization to a specific folder.

I've got "specific words with sender's address.." (domain.com)
"move it to specified folder.." (foldername)
and "stop processing all other rules"
and  "apply the rules to current mails within my inbox"

but still when i apply these changes the mail just stays at location (Inbox) ?
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I have not seen that happen on the root folder before.
I don't mean to sound condescending so please forgive me if i do, could you make sure it is actually your folder and not a shared one.
Post screen grabs of the rule (make sure to hide your e-mail information)
From start to finish and let see if it’s a case of "can't see the wood for all the trees" as it is with most IT issues :)
Also if you are confident your rule is right disable all of your rules close out look and reopen.
Then start them up again 1 at a time starting with the one you are having difficulty with.
Does it work on any new mail coming in?
If it does did you click the check box to say run on already received mail (something like that)
Is the rule being applied to another mail box that you have permissions of just not your actual mail box, so a share mail box?
The_NibblerAuthor Commented:
No, doesn't work with new mail coming in.
Also doesn't work when applying rule to the Inbox items after message has arrived
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