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Hi, I have a keyword, senior meals.  I did a search of my site, and I've got it in the title of many pages.
I think I'm diluting my SEO for this keyword pretty badly.  I'm going to go though and rebuild the title on many of the pages, making sure it's relevant to page content. But what about instances where I actually have pages that are dedicated to that keyword? Should I delete some pages?

Thanks for your advice.
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Lucas BishopClick TrackerCommented:
Right now in your titles you are repeating a lot of the same keyword phrases:
| Senior Meals |
| Meals for Seniors |
| Senior Meal Delivery |

This is effectively keyword stuffing, since it looks like the first first phrase in the title is the focus of the page and all the other keywords being separated by | pipe | are superfluous.

I would recommend building a more long tail strategy, where you continue to use "senior meals" but you put an additional qualifier or two into the overall page topic. For example:

senior meal delivery
senior meals on wheels
senior meals for diabetics
meals for lactose intolerant seniors
healthy senior meal programs

You would build your page around the main keyword phrase in the title and you wouldn't stuff any other phrases in there.
mel200Author Commented:
Alex SyversenCommented:
A rule of Thumb in SEO is that every page of the website should target a unique set of the keywords - none of the keywords may be mixed or overlapping, ideally.

The use of the keyword in the Title does not guarantee that you will rank high - this is just one of the factors.  Let me know the URL of your website and I will give a bunch of tips for free (as I just joined the Experts-exchange.com :) ).
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