How to find rogue WPS access point?

There is a wireless SSID on our network called WPS.  I can connect to it with no password, and I get ip address  I believe this is a rogue wifi setup, as we did not install this.  How do I disable this device and/or find out where it is physically located?
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If you have a smartphone or tablet you can determine some area where the device could be, by the signal strength.

Also you can determine his IP: after you connect to it, run from cmd: ipconfig /all. The Gateway address should be the device's IP.

Try to connect from a browser at that address and you can have some luck if it has no password, or you can try user admin password admin, or no password.

Knowing the IP address you can determine MAC address by typing in cmd "arp IP_address" where IP_address is the IP of that device.

Depending on you network infrastructure you can determine in which switch/port is located if you have managed switches. Also, some managed switched have a function to test the copper cable and that function can determine the lenght of the cable and there is the only way to know the exact location of that switch.

If you don't have managed switches, you can only filter the traffic's device from the router, by his MAC address.

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As said above get the APs address so where you got see what gateway you get
Then get adventures:
Then download a program called Nmap.
Once installed in the target put the IP address of the 192.168.100.x gateway and select a preconfigured setup called “slow and comprehensive scan” it will give you every device connected for your location to it, and it will do it’s best to do map out what the device is (manufacturer, OS, firmware you name it)
Then do a regular scan to a device you know about on your network, If the “WAN” interface of the WPS device is on your network it should show up (don’t forget to try “-Pn”) you can use the switches ARP tables to locate the device, shutdown the port, a beat the owner with a sock filled with rocks)

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maharlikaAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the advice. I was able to log on to it and figured out that it was a wireless presentation system (with SSID of WPS).
glad you found it :)
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