Urgent Active Airectory Lab environment creation from Active Directory production environment


I need Step by step guide to build an Active directory test environment from our AD production environment.
The test environment will be a replicate from the production environment.
The IP address for the DCs in the test environment will be different.
The name of the AD Forest Test environment will also be different
The DC in the test environment will be virtual  machines running  2008 R2

In the production environment We  have a root domain and 3 child domain only
In the test environment We intend to  have a root domain and a child domain only
We have backup of our DC in production environment

How do i manage to export  GPO  and OU structure etc....

Thank you
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Don S.Commented:
If you intend to change all what you indicated, you are going to have a lot of stuff that is broken.  I think a simpler way would be to simply setup a separate vlan that is not reachable from the production LAN and put everything there.  That way you can leave everything the same (addresses, name, etc.) and nothing will be broken.
Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:
If you are not building this from scratch and you want an exact replica of your production then you are going to have to P2V your DC's and then put them in a Vm envirnment where the network is COMPLETELY isolated from your production network. For this to work exactly like production and to mitigate USN Roll Back you will need to perform the P2V while the DC's (all of them) are offline.

If you do not do this while all of the DC's are offline you most likely will run into issues like USN Roll back or other replicaiton issues.

This is required if you want exactly what production has running.

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