Sharepoint 2013 Foundation custom filter in lists

Im testing SP 2013 Foundation for a customer with 50 users working on SP 2002 integrated into SBS2003.
First thing they noticed and started to complain is custom filter in Lists.
I have searched and googled it but everything tells me that feature is in full version of SP.
Also i couldnt find  an alternative sollution ?

Second thing is attachments in Lists. In old SP it was really elegant, just double click onot attachment icon. In 2013 version user must click on edit item than attachment and so on. Any other way?

That filter is primary problem.
Thx in advance!
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martushaProduct managerCommented:
1. Yes, in SharePoint 2013 Foundation there is only basic site collection search.  
One option that might help would be to use SharePoint Designer 2013 to insert the site-scoped Search Web Part above your list view. (according the anwer here >)
SharePoint 2013 features
2. You can attach file by selecting any item in the list and on top meniu pressing "Attach file" button:
Attaching a file on SP List item
bbmservisAuthor Commented:
Sorry to resurrect this old topic.
But i have similar problem with attachments in lists.

It is about SP 2013 Foundation, im evaluating it.

Custom list in datasheet view is created, attachments are enabled in properties,  but option "attach file" , like this one above in red circle is greyed out!

Only works  when click  item, edit item, attache file. attachment icon is shown in attachment column but cannot click it or double click  to open it.
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