Internet browsers not working but can ping and connect remotely

I have a windows 8 machine that cannot access the internet via internet explorer - regardless of which site I visit I simply get page cannot be displayed.

I have also tried browsing by IP address, trying to browse to one of Googles IP addresses ( also fails.

I can ping without any issue - I can ping and get replies.

I also managed to install teamviewer host and I can access the machine remotely so I know for sure that the Internet connection is there, just browsers will not work.

Things I have tried so far:

1.Install chrome - same issue
2.reset internet explorer settings.
3.check for proxy settings in IE - there were none
4.netsh winsock reset all
5.netsh int ip reset all
6.netsh int ip reset reset.log hit

I have also tried installing firefox but it fails - I think because it tries to download the full package itself and that requires internet connection.

Anyone got any ideas or further troubleshooting steps?
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davids355Author Commented:
Hi guys,
I have now decided to return this PC to Dell as it is brand new. Was hoping I could resolve without having to do that, but don't seem to be getting anywhere.
Jobin JohnySenior IT SpecialistCommented:

did you check the DNS address in the Network settings are correct . You must give correct DNS address to point to Internet .
davids355Author Commented:
DNS was pointing to the router.
I have just tried manually setting DNS to
Still Internet explorer will not work.

I should note that I am doing all of this remotely via teamviewer now, so the internet is most definitely working, just the browsers will not work.
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Check the Proxy setting in your browser, if the settings are there disable them and then do an AV scan and root kit scan
davids355Author Commented:
Hi Stolsie,
I have checked in IE and there are no proxy settings set.

Hi Sudeep,
I will run these scans and post logs. I appreciate that this could well be the cause as its a very strange issue. However, this is a brand new computer from Dell and has literally just been taken out of the box!!
davids355Author Commented:
accepted my own answer as did not get resolution, think this is deep rooting OS problem.
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