Reveal all instances of that letter in the series if user request in hangman game python?

Hello All
i wrote the code for hangman game in python.

how to achieve if user request the letter and have to reveal instance of letter ?

Thanks you
vishnu kalakotaAsked:
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If I got it right I would do something like that:

in one variable I would store the random word, that you picked.
to_guess = "difficult"

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in an other variable I would store what was guessed so far, (which is initially nothing)
guessed = [ '.' ] * len(to_guess) 

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# this is a list of as many '.' characters as you have letters in the word you have to guess.

However it would be best for learning and for helping if you post what you wrote so far.

whenever the user enters a letter you check at which position this letter exists in the word to guess and you set the character at the same position in the variable guessed from '.' to the given letter.
Walter RitzelSenior Software EngineerCommented:
Assuming you have 3 variables: one with the word to guess, one with the same size, but filled with * and the letter inputed by user:
word_to_guess = 'banana'
guess_char = '*'
user_input = 'a'
guess = ''

for i,c in enumerate(word_to_guess):
     if c == user_input:
           guess += user_input
           guess += guess_char

print guess           

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Mark BradyPrincipal Data EngineerCommented:
Here is an easy function you can use to do what you want.

def run(self):		
		# you can set this value dynamically but for testing set it here
		word_to_guess = 'easy'

		values = []
		for i in range(len(word_to_guess)):

		guessed_all = False
		amount_guessed = 0

		while not guessed_all:			
			guess = raw_input('Enter a letter: ')
			found_one = False
			for i in range(len(word_to_guess)):
				if guess.lower() == word_to_guess[i]:
					values[i] = guess
					amount_guessed += 1
					found_one = True				
			temp = ''
			if not found_one:
				print 'guess again'

			if '_' not in values:
				guessed_all = True;
				print 'Congratulations!'
				result = ''
				for value in values:
					result += value
				print result
				print 'you have guessed ' + str(amount_guessed) + ' so far'
			if not guessed_all:
				for value in values:
					temp += value
				print temp

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Put that function in a python file and call it. Have fun

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vishnu kalakotaAuthor Commented:
Thank you
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