Sonicwall HA dropping out

Hi All,

I have a strange issue with a pair of Sonicwalls in a Stateful HA setup.

They will work fine for days then overnight they will both go deaf for 5 minutes, complete packet loss to both devices. When they come back neither unit has rebooted and all looks normal again. When i go through the logs the only entry I have is Primary missed heartbeats from Backup.

Sonicwall Support is not really helping and I am just going round in circles. We are on the latest firmware for the units.

Anyone seen this before?
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Then it has to be a hardware/firmware fault.
If your topology for the HA is
Active <-> Passive
And HA is having problems that can be the only answer.
If you have Active <-> Switch <-> Passive
Then we could have a look at the switch.

What are the support doing that’s not helpful?
did you submit all logs?
I generally find the SonicWall helpdesk very helpful.
When I first read the comment i though of the heart beat timings do they match on both devices?
Is the system time the same on both?
How is the heart beat being transfer between devices’s (ie switch, direct cable, and router?)
CodestoneAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the reply.

Yes the time is the same on both with NTP configured.

Also the HA Settings are the same.

The heartbeat is a direct connection between the deivces using the HA Port.
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