How to figure out Cisco router 3945e max throughput?

I'm finding conflicting information online for the throughput of this router. I've found a page on Cisco that suggests 350 Mbps, but else where it seems to be higher. How do I figure out if I'm hitting the max throughput?

2 active gig interfaces. Doing L3 forwarding, no NAT. One interface has subinterfaces, the other interface is the source for a IPsec tunnel.

3945e#sho int gig0/0 | b input ra
  5 minute input rate 302160000 bits/sec, 32006 packets/sec
  5 minute output rate 68301000 bits/sec, 18893 packets/sec

3945e##sho int gig0/1 | b input ra
  5 minute input rate 69955000 bits/sec, 18708 packets/sec
  5 minute output rate 316679000 bits/sec, 32791 packets/sec
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James HIT DirectorCommented:
This whitepaper gives you the figures you are looking for.

The max supported speed for WAN is 350 mbps on the 3945e. This can be found on page 7 of that document.
For WAN speeds you are looking for, Cisco ASR is required for your setup.
Paul WilsonCommented:
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