NIC issue - losing IP Deatils

Hi - for some reason after a restore on my Server 2012 - the IPv4 keep disappearing, however when i do a IPConfig it has correct IP details.. ive checked the parameters registry have correct IP details.. un-installed the NIC card..
Any ideas please...?
jag bAsked:
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So you have restored it once and now the IP address has vanished?
Does it work for a while and the stops or the network config GUI says no IP but Ipconfig and reedit have the correct info?
Regardless of the questions it might be a case of un-installing the drivers then reinstalling and then making another restore point and test or is this a VM restore? In which case have you allied the correct virtual network interface?
jag bAuthor Commented:
its a physical machine..basically i can input the details click ok, then go back into the IPv4 they disappear.. ipconfig/regedit have correct details showing..
The only time i saw something similar was in Windows XP it would show DNS as correct but not actually use the DNS addresses i corrected it with a wmic command
Try this command to see what the machine thinks the address is
wmic NICCONFIG WHERE IPEnabled=true GET IPAddress /format:csv
Then i just found this for you on how to change it via wmic command if it’s not reporting what you want
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jag bAuthor Commented:
its reporting ok...
C:\Users\Administrator>wmic NICCONFIG WHERE IPEnabled=true GET IPAddress /format

I think it’s safe to say it’s having a hard time, uninstall network drive as you said earlier then start again.
jag bAuthor Commented:
its a test environment so i most likely rebuild the whole server again..
To be fair we have check every avenue of possible cause (that i can think of), did you try set the IP from "WMIC"?
Apart from the if she still no work and it’s a test environment then sure go for it, only problem is if it happens again and it’s then a live environment you will be stuck
jag bAuthor Commented:
found the fix..
deleted reg key: KEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control\Network\Config
rebooted server and then re-entered IP details in GUI - all working ok - rebooted server to test all ok

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excelent i'll remember that one :)

well done
jag bAuthor Commented:
researched and found fix from MS KB
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