bind click not working


I have this code in document.ready, my problem is that the bind click part is not working. I need to activate again when i press the button GUARDAR, any idea?

var counterCerrado = 0;
		$(this).html('<input type="text" value="'+$(this).text()+'"><button class="contador'+counterCerrado+'">GUARDAR</button>')
		counterCerrado = counterCerrado + 1

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Tom BeckCommented:
I don't understand the purpose of the counter. You will have to explain that.

Seems to me you could just use the same button to do whatever you have to do rather than create a new one with a unique class name. Add the input text box on the first click, remove it after parsing the input on the second click.

Something like this:
		if ($(this).hasClass('contador')) {
			// Run additional code to parse text box input
		} else {
		    $('<input type="text" value="'+$(this).text()+'" />').insertBefore($(this));console.log("cerrado click");

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joyacv2Author Commented:
Hi Tom,

The code disappear the button guardar, my problem is that after i click the button guardar, i can't click the td again. Initially my code works well. I use the counter for create a unique class for each button guardar, i don't know if is completely necessary. After i press the guardar button, i need to have the ability to click again and do the same thing.
Tom BeckCommented:
I have no idea what you have on the page. You only posted the javascript. Have a look at my test.
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joyacv2Author Commented:
sorry tom,

my html code looks like this

<html><body><table><tr><td class="cerrado">test<td></tr></table></body></html>
Tom BeckCommented:
I updated my jsfiddle to reflect this new information.

Do I have the solution?
joyacv2Author Commented:

when i press guardar the text that i enter in the input goes back to cerrado. The guardar button is a save button
Tom BeckCommented:
Updated to change the <td> text to whatever the user types in.

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joyacv2Author Commented:
Perfect Tom! Thank You!
Tom BeckCommented:
Another version with multiple rows and testing code removed.

You're welcome. Thanks for the points.
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