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Dear all,

We have the following scenario.

1 parent domain and 4 child domains. (Trusted)

We want that the users can chosse on the Windows 7 login screen (like in the past / Windows XP) the domain where he is located.
But after some research in the internet it seems that is not possible. Did anyone have a solution to have a dropdown menu or choose menu of availble domains.

I already knows the possiblity to put the username like this (USERNAME@DOMAIN or DOMAIN\USERNAME) but it is not really simple for the users to retain it.

Thanks and regrads
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This is not possible within Windows 7 without modification. The login interface is provided by a file called msgina.dll. In Windows XP, this carried the functionality to show the dropdown of domains. In Windows 7 this functionality was removed and you instead have to use DOMAIN\username or the UPN.

msgina.dll is replaceable; you may notice that fingerprint software, for example, replaces the login page - this is with a custom msgina.dll. It's therefore possible that you could find a third party msgina which holds the functionality you require. Unfortunately, I'm fairly sure this doesn't exist from searching online.  

Your other option is to hire a developer to write a custom msgina.dll to provide this functionality. When you factor in the initial cost and the fact that it could potentially be broken, and therefore require patching, after windows updates, it's pretty obvious that this is a cost prohibitive and unrealistic option.

Ultimately, there's no solution I'm afraid. Your only real option is to invest in some decent training for your users.
Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:
As you have already stated this is not possible, unless you hack/modify the Windows OS itself. Personally i would not be doing this as you can void warranty and or create other issues.

Peter HutchisonSenior Network Systems SpecialistCommented:
To get around this you could add a legal startup notice to display a message to users with a list of domains you could lgin with. The registry entries are called <b>legalnoticecaption</b> and <b>legalnoticetext</b>.
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