Date question

I have 2 dates and need to know if the first date is over 3 years different then the 2nd date?

Whats the quickest way to do this?
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Mike EghtebasDatabase and Application DeveloperCommented:
By year like 12/12/2010  and 12/12/2014   , over 3 years by year, or
By year like 12/12/2010  and 12/13/2013   , over 3 years by day but not by year.
jknj72Author Commented:
I want to know if a policy is over 3 years old so if I did it by day that would be fine but I just need to know if the difference between DateA and DateB is over 3 years
Mike EghtebasDatabase and Application DeveloperCommented:
WHERE (DateA -DateB)*24 > 3*(365)

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slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
Subtracting two dates in Oracle returns the number of days between them.

There is also a MONTHS_BETWEEN SQL function:

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slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
>>(DateA -DateB)*24

What is the "* 24" for?  Subtracting dates is days not hours between them.
Mike EghtebasDatabase and Application DeveloperCommented:
We don't need 24.
jknj72Author Commented:
I created a function and pass in the 2 dates an d return the months difference...

create or replace FUNCTION Date_Diff(dEffDt IN DATE,dExpDt IN DATE)
   v_new_num NUMBER;
   SELECT TRUNC((MONTHS_BETWEEN(dExpDt, dEffDt))) into v_new_num FROM DUAL;
   RETURN v_new_num;
   RETURN 0;
END Date_Diff;
jknj72Author Commented:
Months_Between  was the function I used so I will give it to Slight
jknj72Author Commented:
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