Very Sloew Startup

I am working on a client's computer with Windows 7 Pro. When the computer is at her house is is extremely slow to boot. It will get to the Starting Windows screen and hang for 10 to 15 minutes before the 4 colors appear. If I take her computer to my shop it boots in a matter of seconds. I thought it might be her USB mouse and/or keyboard but I tried mine at her house with the same slow boot. Is it possible that her surge protector could be the problem or is there something else I should be looking at? The slow boot happens even with nothing connected except the monitor.

Thank you!

Robert EhingerIT specialistAsked:
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Timothy ChenowethDirector of Information TechnologyCommented:
Could be bad power? Different Surge protector or outlet would eliminate that. You could also have client bring her surge protector in to you and test at shop as well.

Is the slowness with Network cord connected?
Helao MwapangashaData Centre: Server EngineerCommented:
slow boot options to check

configure selective boot "msconfig"
disable nic
run sfc /scannow
chkdsk /R
make sure no external disk is plugged in at start up
Robert EhingerIT specialistAuthor Commented:
Sorry Helao but I don't see where any of that will matter since it boots fine in my shop. Even so, I did all of that with no change. I also checked the BIOS setup for anything that might hinder the start up time.

And, as I mentioned, "The slow boot happens even with nothing connected except the monitor." The NIC is on the motherboard so I cannot disconnect it but I have tried booting with the cable disconnected and the NIC disabled.
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Helao MwapangashaData Centre: Server EngineerCommented:
thats strange, why would it be pointing to power though?
dbruntonQuid, Me Anxius Sum?  Illegitimi non carborundum.Commented:
Does it have WiFi?
Helao MwapangashaData Centre: Server EngineerCommented:
but this does not happen when you take it to your shop? with all conditions as is?
Robert EhingerIT specialistAuthor Commented:
o wifi and boots fine at my shop
dbruntonQuid, Me Anxius Sum?  Illegitimi non carborundum.Commented:
Is that o meant to be No?  I thought if it had WiFi it might be trying to connect to a network.

You could measure the voltage at the power point in her house, try it without using her surge protector or try other power points in her house.
yes - it can be a bad power - or ground - check for proper voltage and grounding
try it on other outlets - in other rooms as well
i usually also measure the pc voltages inside : +5 and 12 V, 3.3 V
also - strong radiation  can cause it - any in the vicinity?  transmitters, heavy power users ?
Robert EhingerIT specialistAuthor Commented:
It is an older home - built in 1962. The wiring is also old. She uses 3-prong adapters because there are no grounded outlets in her house. The thing is, until the last week or so there was no problem. I have tried plugging directly into the wall and I have used different outlets with no change in performance.
Robert EhingerIT specialistAuthor Commented:
Could a different power supply make a difference?
yes - that can help also; but better use an UPS
Robert EhingerIT specialistAuthor Commented:
I took the computer back to the client and I tried a different power cord. This seems to have solved the problem.
that would show signs of bending/breaking, no ?
Robert EhingerIT specialistAuthor Commented:
Didn't really see anything obvious but that is possible. I just wondered if the old electrical service had anything to do with it.
you mean the house wiring?  that's a very good possibility too
if in doubt - have it checked
Robert EhingerIT specialistAuthor Commented:
Client bought a new computer.

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that's odd - keep an eye on it - if possible
Robert EhingerIT specialistAuthor Commented:
Ultimately this solved the problem. The client is happy with her new computer and its performance.
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