Windows 7 Taskbar Hover Thumbnail Preview Bug


My OS is Windows 7 and I am having a problem with the miniature preview windows which pop up when you hover over an item(s) in the taskbar.  A few days ago everything seemed to be working fine; i.e. as long as you continue to hover over the taskbar icon the mini-windows will continue to display.  But now if I hover over a taskbar item the mini preview window will display but only briefly - it will disappear sometimes after 0.5 seconds, sometimes after 3 seconds, etc, but I don't think I've ever seen it stay up for more than say 10 seconds.

I also have the exact same problem when using ALT+TAB to view all the mini-preview windows.

I've tried disabling Aeropeek; and I've tried changing my 'Personalize' theme to Windows Classic, but neither helped.

Has anyone else experienced this?  And were you able to find a resolution?

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TropicalBoundAuthor Commented:
Hi jcimarron,

No these are definitely not Tool Tips - they are what MS calls "live taskbar previews".

But since I posted this question I have found the issue.  Believe it or not, simply by removing my battery (which apparently is defective) and running solely from the power cord, the issue has been resolved.  Ordering a new battery today.

Thanks anyway
TropicalBound --
Show us screen shots of the "thumbnails" that disappear. Are you sure they are not Tool Tips, which disappear normally?
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