check to determine how connected

is there a command in dos, powershell that I can run to determine how a computer is connected?
More specifically I have some locations that connect directly to us using an asa while others use cradle points.
I would like to be able to determine which are using what instead of having to search through notes.

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Nathan HawkinsTechnical Lead - Network SecurityCommented:
For what is directly connected, "route print" is a CLI command that will list interfaces and how they are connected, which will give you a default gateway and all you need to know as far as how that device is connected.

The other part to this is a whole lot trickier...

Those devices coming in through an will pretty much have to use the ASA's logging capabilities (meaning syslogging to a SIEM) and then doing sorts through the logs to determine whos coming from where and accessing what.

With regards to wireless connections you will have to layer 2 (MAC addresses and correlating those to the ARPs given/received which yield actual IP's).

It will take a lot of work...
QlemoBatchelor, Developer and EE Topic AdvisorCommented:
Usually you reserve different IP address scopes for different access methods. You know 240-254 is used for Cisco VPN via ASA, etc.
bbimisAuthor Commented:
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