function to check is printer is ready

Basically i want to create a function that i send a printer name and if it is anything other than ready return false

    Function CheckPrinter(printer As String) As Boolean

    End Function

I have looked at the code for  printer status and such but nothing really is simple
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Have you looked into this, basically you are trying to enumerate the status of the printer driver...its win32..

There is a relatively simple way using .NET

Dim printQueues As PrintQueueCollection = Nothing
Dim printerDescriptions As List(Of PrinterDescription) = Nothing

' Get a list of available printers.
Me.printServer = New PrintServer()
printQueues = Me.printServer.GetPrintQueues(New () {EnumeratedPrintQueueTypes.Local, EnumeratedPrintQueueTypes.Connections})
printerDescriptions = New List(Of PrinterDescription)()

For Each printQueue As PrintQueue In printQueues
	' The OneNote printer driver causes crashes in 64bit OSes so for now just don't include it.
	' Also redirected printer drivers cause crashes for some printers. Another WPF issue that cannot be worked around.
	If printQueue.Name.ToUpperInvariant().Contains("ONENOTE") OrElse printQueue.Name.ToUpperInvariant().Contains("REDIRECTED") Then
		Continue For
	End If

	Dim status As String = printQueue.QueueStatus.ToString()

		Dim printerDescription As New PrinterDescription() With { _
			Key .Name = printQueue.Name, _
			Key .FullName = printQueue.FullName, _
			Key .Status = If(status = Strings.Printing_PrinterStatus_NoneTxt, Strings.Printing_PrinterStatus_ReadyTxt, status), _
			Key .ClientPrintSchemaVersion = printQueue.ClientPrintSchemaVersion, _
			Key .DefaultPrintTicket = printQueue.DefaultPrintTicket, _
			Key .PrintCapabilities = printQueue.GetPrintCapabilities(), _
			Key .PrintQueue = printQueue _

			' ... Logging removed
	Catch ex As PrintQueueException
	End Try

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MillkindAuthor Commented:
That is what i found as well.  I just wanted a simple function.  Thanks anyway.
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