Error adding machine to Domain

Hi There,

I have recently had to rebuild a desktop and when I try to add it to the our domain I get an error message that says the machine had previously been added to the domain using a different set of credentials and that access is denied.

Can you help?
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
As suggested, deleting should do the trick... but resetting the computer account should also do the trick. (Right click the account and select "Reset" in ADUC)
Have you tried deleting the computer from the domain in ADUC and rejoining?
Often, it prompts for whether you wish to use/reuse the same account.
The suggestion to delete the computer account in aduc is one option.
Are you using an administrative account to add the system back in? I think the use of a non-administrative account when adding/joining might be the issue you are facing.
Mandeep SinghDatabase AdministratorCommented:
Go to Active Directory then Computers. Find the computer “XXXXXXX” and delete it.
Join the computer again to the domain.
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