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Lately I have noticed in my HP Management log I get this warning. I am not an expert on servers and need help/suggestion as to what I need to do.  Will reinstalling the OS help to get rid of this or no. Please help.


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If any one of the remaining drives making up logical drive 2 Distributing Data Guarding fails, the data will be lost on that volume.
You can explore whether the drive failure is an error, but you should get a replacement drive ASAP.  If the system is still under warantee call, HP support and depending on the type of warranty you have, you can have a replacement within 4hours or next business day.

You should not be wasting time the instructions are unambiguous; replace the drive.
It tells you that a drive that makes up a RAID5 has failed.
Do you have a spare 146gb SAS 15k drive that you can use to replace the current drive.  Usually if you look at the front of the server without the bezel I.e you can see the drive candies, the failed drice will have either a re or Amber light to indicate which has failed.

I think with hp, you have to indicate within the HP interface  that you are removing the failed drive ve gore you pull, and insert the replacement.
The interface also provides if needed the option to flash the lights to indicate the drive at issue.  You should replace the drive as soon as possible, or the next drive failure will result in data loss.
zolfAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your feedback. So, this is hardware issue and cannot be resolved by running some HP diagnostic tools. I mean to I cannot repair the disc by running some software. Just to confirm,before buying a new disc and replacing it.
By the way what did you mean by saying this, I did not quite understand -- or the next drive failure will result in data loss.
zolfAuthor Commented:
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