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what are the security issues in using input type="text" for type="password" apart from masking the characters?
will replacing characters with * using JavaScript should suffice or its better to use type="password"?
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Ok, this is what i know about the password field:

You can use: <input type="password" autocomplete="off" />   to avoid to auto-complete the password, which could be a security issue.

Using Chrome, Go to a website where you have your password saved. Right click on the password field-> inspect Element, then choose console and type: $0.value   <-- it will show you the password ($0 provide the selected element). This could be another issue.

If you really want to give a high level of security, you should Encrypt with an algorithm related with the datetime every character when the user is typing his password, so, the un-encrypted password would never be in the browser memory and could not be catch when it send to the server.

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