ipad sync files with windows share

I have some users who use an IPad when they are outside the company.
However they  need the possibility to access some data (pictures, pdf ..) from our network.
I have created a dedicated network share where all users can copy files, pictures ….
All IPad users should have access to these share and should be able to open files, an copy new pictures
These files should be visible on the IPad. A file service like OneDrive, dropbox can offer this, however this needsthe user to be logged in to sync the files.
I need a solution where the files are synced, even when user is not logged in (sync should run as a windows service on a server)
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Use: Work Folders for iOS – iPad App with Work Folders, a Windows Server feature to access the files on the server network.

Work Folders


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btanExec ConsultantCommented:
this apps for ipad woud be of interest
Documents allows you to get files from your computer, sync with Dropbox, iCloud, other cloud services and any source

Connecting ReaddleDocs as a shared network drive
ReaddleDocs relies on a Wi-Fi network connection of any type to copy files between iPad and a computer.
ReaddleDocs uses WebDAV protocol to share its data with other computers via Wi-Fi Network. Most
popular operating systems and many programs have the ability to mount WebDAV resource as a network
You need to know device IP address and port as well as login and password to access your device. Login
and password are optional and can be configured on “Settings” tab inside ReaddleDocs.

Connecting to Readdle Storage -
Readdle Storage is a great way to store files online. You can upload and download files from from ReaddleDocs and using any web browser on your computer.
All ReaddleDocs users are eligible to get free lifetime Readdle Storage account. You may create new account right from the device, or by visiting storage.readdle.com from your desktop computer.
To create an account:
1. Go to "Network" tab inside ReaddleDocs
2. Tap "Add", then tap on Readdle Storage label,
3. Tap "Create Readdle Storage Account" . Fill the form to get the Readdle Storage account. Once
you've done that, you will have your login and password....

After your account is created, the application will login to Readdle Storage. You will see example document that explains Readdle Storage usage. Later you can access Readdle Storage by tapping your login name in the left side bar.

After you've uploaded your files online, they become accessible via Network tab inside ReaddleDocs. Tapping on any of them will save the file locally to the device and open it for reading.

In this section, you can enable or disable immediate opening files on ReaddleDocs startup and after downloading them from the web.
Ref manual (pdf) http://www.northstarnerd.org/iPad-Manuals/iPad-Manual-ReaddleDocs.pdf
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